Hello!  你好!こんいちは

My name is James and I am a Canadian interaction designer. Recently, I graduated from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the Umeå Institute of Design. Before I tiptoed into design, I studied philosophy at Macalester College and worked at the Embassy of Canada in Beijing.

As a designer, I am interested in emerging technology and the intersection between physical and the digital experiences. I want to leverage my background in philosophy and bring a critical lens to technology and design. You can watch my one minute introduction video here, see what I am working on here, or read my blog posts here. Otherwise, please read on. 



I was born in China, but immigrated to Canada when I was 10. In the past few years,  I studied, lived, and worked in the U.S., Singapore, Japan, and China. I have worked for NGOs and the government. But I was frustrated that I could not solve problems from a creative and holistic approach. I was blown away by how designers are pushing boundaries and solving real-world problems through interdisciplinary collaboration and designing with people in mind.

I bring to design my multicultural sensitivity and critical thinking. Drawing from my background, I can critically evaluate design solutions and empathize people who are not me. In the future, I want to design systematic and multicultural solutions to address wicked problems. 

I am always up for a chat and new opportunities. Let's get in touch!


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