Vintage Plantations


A two week branding and graphic design project in collaboration with Vintage Plantations, a local chocolatier specializing in bean-to-bar chocolate. I collaborated with Anton Almgren and Mindy Lee.


Redesign the package to tell the story of locally made chocolate with ethically sourced cocoa beans from Ecuador. 


We developed a comprehensive branding identity and opening experience to convey the journey of raw beans to artisanally made chocolate.



The client is proud of her chocolate being 100% ethically sourced from Ecuador. She wanted to her customers to know that her beans are high quality and that the chocolate bars are entirely made in Umeå. Our branding concept tells the story of bean-to-bar from the moment that the customer sees the chocolate to the moment that the customer eats the chocolate. 

1. We used a naturally coloured materials to indicate the organic origin of the chocolate. A large cocoa fruit is illustrated at the front to show tie the chocolate to its origin. 

2. The inside of the jacket is deliberately bright contrast the nature feel of the outside. The inside is filled with keywords important to the brand image. 

3. The gift box is made out of natural wood. Each inner box is meant to illustrate the story of bear to bar. 

3. Outer jacket design with color variations to represent different flavors. 

5. Inner jacket design and color variations.

Q. How did you conduct your research? 

We started our research by visiting the client and learning about her story. 

Through the initial workshop and presentation with the client, we distilled three themes that we would like to use on, from raw to refined and telling the story of bean to bar. We ideated several ways to tell her story through the packaging and unwraping experience. 

Chocolate workshop tour with client

Brainstorming and theme synthesis

Ideating different packaging graphics

Q. How did you test your concepts? 

We prototyped the physical packaging including the opening  mechanism.

We wanted an exciting and different way of opening the chocolate. We used a pull tab in the middle of the cocoa nut to indicate the opening of the fruit. 

Prototyping different kinds of packaging

Rough design of packaging with watercolors

Testing the pull tab mechanism

Q. What was your role in this project? 

I was involved in all of the phases of this project with a focus on storytelling and designing the inner jacket.

I encouraged my teammates to focus on the storytelling aspect that a customer might have from opening up a chocolate bar. I designed the inner jacket of the wrap and took part in the making of the gift box. 

Initial research involved eating lots of delicious chocolate!