My name is James and I am a Product Designer at Cohere. Previously I worked at Microsoft and IDEO. I graduated from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the Umeå Institute of Design. Before design, I studied philosophy at Macalester College and worked at the Embassy of Canada in Beijing.

As a designer, I'm interseted in the intersections between human x AI and digital x physical. I leverage my background in philosophy and bring a critical lens to technology and design. You can read my writing, check out my Linkedin, or download my resume.

↓ Awards & Publications

☺︎ Speculative Edu
☺︎ IxDA 2018 Award
☺︎ Core77 2017 & 2018 Award
☺︎ FastCo Innovation by Design 
☺︎ Prosthetic Knowledge
☺︎ Mental Floss
☺︎ CoDesign
☺︎ Dezeen

↓ My Story So Far

I was raised in China, but immigrated to Canada when I was 10. I've worked, lived, and studied in the U.S., Singapore, Japan, China, Sweden, and Denmark. My first career was working in the foreign service. But I was frustrated with bureaucratic restrictions and lack of creative problem-solving.

I became a designer because I want to solve problems from a creative and hands-on approach. I believe design can solve difficult real-world problems through interdisciplinary collaboration and designing with people in mind.

↓ Awards & Publications